Garage Sale App

Freebie Friday: Garage Sale App

I've had many questions recently on how do I find garage sales to treasure hunt at. Well I use two apps which I will check the night before to see what sales I'd like to hit up. Garage Sales by This app has been my go to app for a long time. It pulls ads from Craigslist,,,  and its own website So may have a few more sales then the … [Continue Reading ...]

skiva lighting port charger

Skiva Lightning Port Car Charger Review

I use my iPhone a lot out on the road. Especially on the weekends when hitting garage sales. Nothing is worse when I need to research an item and my phone has died. So having a good car charger for my iPhone is a must. This little charger from Skiva is exactly what I needed.  The 2.1 Amp charges my phone quick and without any problems. The charger fits in very snug to the cigarette lighter so no … [Continue Reading ...]


State of the Health Update

I haven't written about health issues in ages so I thought Id just do a little update, more for me to get out how Im feeling but fro anyone who has been following me and my big this is whats up. Overall I will say I have been feeling better an many ways, improvements over what I felt several years ago. Still confused on some and in other areas new developments have occurred. Even though I have … [Continue Reading ...]

Dknight Magicbox Bluetooth Speaker

DKnight Magicbox Bluetooth Speaker Review

I was recently given the opportunity to try a DKnight MagicBox Wireless Speaker. I was pleasantly surprised when I opened the package, synced with my iPhone, and out came this great sound from this little box! I gave it to my daughter to try out, she's at that age where music is everything, and she was able to quickly and easily sync it to her iPod. She now uses it all the time to listen to her … [Continue Reading ...]


Amazon Ebay Seller Memes

We all have frustrating moments as reseller/sellers on Amazon or eBay. I like to try to take these with a grain of salt, do what I can to deal with them and move on. Part of that process is sometimes creating a meme to vent :) I also have fun when celebrating a great moment Have any of your own or any favorites you have found?   … [Continue Reading ...]

Interesting Garage Sale Finds

While sourcing for eBay and Amazon by garage sales and flea markets You will often run in to some very interesting items. Here are a Few I have found recently. (click images for larger view) … [More...]

Multiple Streams Income Report: Sept 2014

September is here and Q4 is around the corner (I hope) So time for the August Income Report. Amazon FBA Amazon was slow again and did less than last month, both in items sold an dollar amount. More … [More...]

Adovia Sulfur Soap

Adovia sulfur soap, is highly enriched with minerals and sulfur from the Dead Sea. Your skin’s natural moisture levels are balanced and optimized with Olive Oil, Dead Sea minerals and Aloe Vera … [More...]