Ebay vs Amazon

Online Sales Income Report February 2015

Just noticed that I havent done an income report in a few months. I have been doing them in a YouTube format as you see below though. As far as other revenue streams, Adsense slow down a bit but it could also be that it was a short month. First time in a while that I didnt meet the $100 threshold for a payment. Just missed by $2! Website building was nonexistent for February but thats why I do … [Continue Reading ...]

eBay how to do a sale

Putting Up an eBay Sale

Everyone loves a sale! It is a great way to attract viewers and to make sales on your eBay store. Yes store, you do need to have a store subscription to put on a sale on eBay. In the video below I will give you some great reasons to put on sales as well as walk you through the process of putting on a sale. Enjoy and let me know any questions you may have. http://youtu.be/dLjLR2_FT2A … [Continue Reading ...]

Majestic Lemon Essential Oil

Majestic Pure Lemon Essential Oil Review

If you have been following me for any length of time you have read in the past how I love using essential oils for various health reasons. This time its Lemon Essential Oil by Majestic Cosmeceuticals. I love citrus smells around the house and lemon is my favorite, well actually orange and lemon is a toss up. You can use Lemon oil in your drinking water, your laundry, your floor mopping. So many … [Continue Reading ...]

Coosh USB Charger

Coosh 25W 5 Port USB Desktop Rapid Charger Review

Im like most people now a days that have so many devices that need to be charged via a USB cable. Not only that I have tons of devices that just need USB to function with my computer, so USB ports are a premium. Recently I received the Coosh 5 Port USB Charger and I don't know how I managed with out it. Like it says the Coosh Charger has a total of 5 ports, (1) at 1.3A, (2) at 2.1A (for iPads), … [Continue Reading ...]

Ebay Radio Appearance: Organizing Your Inventory

In case you missed it, I had the honor to appear on eBay radio once again for a short interview. It was on Tuesday Jan 27th and was only about 10-15 mins long. Just a short little talk on organizing your inventory. Ill actually have video on this shortly after I finish reorganizing and getting the mess cleaned up If you missed it the link to the recording is below. My … [Continue Reading ...]

Freebie Friday: Garage Sale App

I've had many questions recently on how do I find garage sales to treasure hunt at. Well I use two apps which I will check the night before to see what sales I'd like to hit up. Garage Sales by … [More...]

Skiva Lightning Port Car Charger Review

I use my iPhone a lot out on the road. Especially on the weekends when hitting garage sales. Nothing is worse when I need to research an item and my phone has died. So having a good car charger for my … [More...]

State of the Health Update

I haven't written about health issues in ages so I thought Id just do a little update, more for me to get out how Im feeling but fro anyone who has been following me and my big this is whats … [More...]

DKnight Magicbox Bluetooth Speaker Review

I was recently given the opportunity to try a DKnight MagicBox Wireless Speaker. I was pleasantly surprised when I opened the package, synced with my iPhone, and out came this great sound from this … [More...]

Amazon Ebay Seller Memes

We all have frustrating moments as reseller/sellers on Amazon or eBay. I like to try to take these with a grain of salt, do what I can to deal with them and move on. Part of that process is sometimes … [More...]

Interesting Garage Sale Finds

While sourcing for eBay and Amazon by garage sales and flea markets You will often run in to some very interesting items. Here are a Few I have found recently. (click images for larger view) … [More...]