Weekend Weekly Wrap Up #4

Weekend Weekly Wrap upYes I skipped last week because the 1st fell on the Saturday and didnt want to overwhelm my 12 readers with 2 similar posts in one day. Here we are back though with a review of the week!

Blogs I have enjoyed this week.

Yakezie Challenge Update

Really slowed down this week and getting harder to move, only 10-20k a day now. Alexa ranking last weeks report it was #968,343  today its #546,206 :)

Top Referring sites this week

  1. mastertheartofsavings.com
  2. financiallyconsumed.com
  3. zeropassiveincome.com
  4. budgetsaresexy.com
  5. cashflowmantra.com

Weekly Spending

  • Mortgage $1430.00
  • Business expenses $382 (printing fees, cakes, utilities)
  • Mobile Phones $205 (now all caught up)
  • Water $226 (this is every other month and this one is high for some reason)
  • Groceries $125.00
  • Gym $38 (includes an annual fee, typically $10 a month)

Weekly Savings

Nothing really moved here. I now have bucket accounts to move money into so it is kind of a saving until it needs to be spent. Buckets for Property tax, Federal tax, and pre-investment

  • moved $25 into pre-investment
  • moved $25 into property tax
  • moves $100 into federal tax

Weekly Income

First week of the month and photography income did great, well ahead of the curve for the month. Lets hope it keeps up, last couple months were to close to break even. Amazon sales have slowed down, last book sale did not produce a lot of inventory. Adsense is still doing its typical trickle.

Internet Marketing

Nothing to report here, move along

Thats my week, how did your week go? Hope it went well and you enjoy your Sunday!




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